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RSC Cabbage is an extension of the RuneScape Classic content & mechanics seen in RSC Preservation. All available content in RuneScape Classic is in RSC Cabbage, but with many custom additions. It is based on the same OpenRSC framework as RSC Preservation, Uranium, 2001scape, RSC Kale, Coleslaw, and Open PK.

RSC Coleslaw

RSC Coleslaw uses the same server configuration as RSC Cabbage. The only differences between the two servers are that botting is NOT allowed on RSC Cabbage, while it is permitted on RSC Coleslaw.

For the RSC Preservation server, see: RSC Uranium

Custom Game Modes

Coleslaw offers several interesting Game modes to play the game in, including Regular Ironman, Hardcore Ironman, and Ultimate Ironman.

Enchanted Rings

While rings could could be crafted in the authentic version of Classic, they couldn't be enchanted. Several of them have been given functions on Cabbage, with purposes inspired by later versions of RuneScape:

  • Ring of Recoil (Sapphire): Reflects 10% + 1 damage back to the attacker. 40 charges.
  • Ring of Splendor (Emerald): multiplies GP drops by 10, capped at 1000 coins per drop.
  • Ring of Forging (Ruby): overrules 70 iron ore smelting failures into successes (does not reward experience if it takes effect though).
  • Ring of Life (Diamond): teleports player to Lumbridge if HP drops below 10% of max (note: if the final hit is 10% or more of HP you still die, must still be alive and hit under 10% of your HP for it to work). Works up to 20 wilderness.
  • Ring of Wealth (Dragonstone): increases chances of obtaining items from the rare drop table.
  • Ring of Avarice (Dragonstone): automatically picks up any stackable item that's dropped. This includes arrows while ranging.
  • Dwarven Ring (Opal): While making cannonballs, obtain 4 cannonballs per bar instead of 1 (effects up to 29 steel bars, will break even if you only make one)

Enchanted Crowns

The two enchanted Dragonstone crowns must be recharged each time they deplete. The other crowns are fully charged on enchantment and once charges deplete they shatter.

  • Gold Crown (Gold): no enchantment possible, useful for crafting xp.
  • Crown of dew (Sapphire) (30 charges): chance to auto-water mined clay / flour taken from hopper. Configurable to select what dough should be made
  • Crown of mimicry (Emerald) (20 charges): chance to avoid being targeted by npcs while skilling.
  • Crown of the artisan (Ruby) (15 charges): chance to get twice the experience when training Artisan Skills.
  • Crown of the items (Diamond) (10 charges): chance to have an item spawn on the players position of the type they are skilling at.
  • Crown of the Herbalist (Dragonstone) (5 charges): chance to destroy low / med / high tier herbs (configurable), granting the xp they would have given.
  • Crown of the Occult (Dragonstone) (5 charges): chance to destroy low / med / high tier bones (configurable), granting the xp they would have given.


A couple new food items have been added.


Main article: Runecrafting

Runecrafting is a familiar concept to anyone who played RS2. It allows players to create their own runes from "Rune Stones". It is not changed very much at all in Open RSC from how it was implemented in RS2.


Main article: Harvesting

Harvesting is a new skill for RSC Cabbage similar to Farming, but without the farming part, instead cutting to just the part where plants are harvested.



  • 1 Runite, 3 Adamantite, 2 Gold ore rocks were added to the Mining guild.
  • A bank chest was added to the Crafting Guild, which facilitates the easy mining and banking of Gold/Silver ore.

Holiday items

Main article: Holiday items

Cabbage contains several unique holiday items, with more planned for the future. There are no discontinued Holiday items on RSC Cabbage. All past holiday items are available on each respective holiday.

Dragon Items

Skill Capes

Main article: Skill capes

Skill capes have been added in RSC Cabbage as a reward for reaching level 99 in a skill. Not all skill capes have been released yet, but each skill cape has a unique buff usually different from RS2+.

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