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2001scape uses the OpenRSC framework to recreate RuneScape as existed on 8 May 2001 as closely as possible.

Major differences from later iterations

RuneScape evolved greatly between the date that 2001scape is based off of and Classic's final updates before RuneScape 2 was released. Players familiar with RuneScape Classic as it existed in its final state will want to note the following gameplay differences in 2001scape:


The map of 2001scape is limited to the following area:

Notably, at this point in time, Members areas had not been released, nor had the Wilderness, or Crandor. Karamja exists, but it would not become accessible for another month. Player owned houses existed on the map, but were not accessible either.

Only the Kingdom of Asgarnia, the Kingdom of Misthalin, and Al Kharid existed.


There are 19 skills in 2001scape, of which only 14 are implemented and have a use.

Unique to 2001scape

Added after 2001scape

  • Thieving
    • Although this skill appears in the skills list, it is not trainable except by completing the Spy Quest. There is no way to use the skill.
  • Herblaw
    • Although this skill appears in the skills list, it is not trainable. There is no way to use the skill.
  • Tailoring
    • Although this skill appears in the skills list, it is not trainable. On 23 June 2001, after the date 2001scape is based off of, the skill was merged into Crafting. "Leather Crafting" was done instead of Tailoring.
  • Prayer
  • Magic
  • Fishing
  • Fletching
  • Agility


  • Attack exists, but you do not require it in order to wield higher level weaponry.
  • Defense exists, but you do not require it in order to wield higher level armour.
  • Ranged exists, but there is only one type of arrow and only the standard Longbow and Shortbow. Crossbows and Bolts existed, but Oyster pearl bolts did not.
  • Cooking does not have the Fishing skill to accompany it. Players can only cook Meat, Bread, Cakes, and Pies. It is also possible to ferment Wine and obtain Half full wine jugs.
  • Although Good/Evil Magic spells exist, they only go up to level 14 between the two. There are no teleportation spells.
  • There is no leather working in Crafting. There is no Silver and no Dragonstones. The crafting store in Al Kharid does not exist, but you can visit the one in Rimmington instead.
  • Woodcutting exists, but you can only cut normal trees, as those are the only ones that exist. You cannot directly click on a tree to cut it, you must use the axe in your inventory with the tree. Trees give scaling Experience Points based on your current Woodcutting level.
  • Mining exists, but you cannot see ores in rocks, and there is only one pickaxe. You must prospect a rock to see if there is ore in it, and what type of ore it is. You must use the pickaxe from your inventory on the rock; you cannot directly click on the rock to mine it.
  • Smithing is nearly the same, except that you cannot make Runite items.

Same as end of RSC

Player versus player combat

Unless players change their type to a "Non Player-Killer", players can engage in combat with each other anywhere outside of Lumbridge and away from Guards. Dueling was not yet implemented, and the Wilderness did not yet exist.


There are only 15 out of Classic's 50 quests available in 2001scape. There was no quest list at the time, and they were only sometimes named in the update post. The names of the quests would have been in the message given to the player in-game when they complete them, but most of these are lost. It was common for players to use their own names for the quests. Some of these were found in a Tip.it poll, at sg.hu, and at ngrunescape.

# Contemporary quest names Later official name Release date
1 Cook's assistant Cook's assistant 4 January 2001
2 Demonslayer quest
Kill Delrith quest
Demon slayer 4 January 2001
3 Ghost quest The restless ghost 4 January 2001
4 Romeo and Juliet Romeo & Juliet 4 January 2001
5 Woolgathering quest Sheep Shearer 4 January 2001
6 Shield quest Shield of Arrav 4 January 2001
7 Find Ernest
Machine Quest
The machine fixing quest
Ernest the chicken 21 January 2001
8 Vampire Slayer Vampire slayer 28 January 2001
9 Impcatcher quest
Wizard Mizgog's Beads
Imp catcher 16 February 2001
10 Rescue the Prince Ali Prince Ali rescue 28 February 2001
11 Doric's Quest Doric's quest 6 April 2001
12 Spy quest Black knight's fortress 6 April 2001
13 Witch's Potion quest Witch's potion 6 April 2001
14 Sword quest
Squire Quest
The knight's sword 6 April 2001
15 Goblin quest
Goblin armor Quest
Goblin diplomacy 8 May 2001


Main article: Classes


You can choose your Class when you create your account. This gives a small boost at the beginning of your journey into the specialty of your choice.


The bank in 2001scape only accepts coins. Other items cannot be stored anywhere except in your inventory.


There is no Fatigue system in 2001scape.

Clients available

There are three recommended clients for 2001scape:

  1. mudclient 38
    • This is normally accessed through the OpenRSC Launcher. It is a very minimally edited authentic back-step from the real mudclient 39.
  2. RSCĂ—
    • This is a custom client with 3rd party features, based off of mudclient 38. It is available through the OpenRSC Launcher.
  3. The web client, based off of mudclient 38. It can be found at http://game.openrsc.com/play/2001scape/members.

See also

  • RSC Kale is a planned extension of 2001scape, which will introduce custom 2001 inspired content, similar to RSC Cabbage.