RuneScape Archive
Contribute to the RuneScape Archive with any lost RuneScape data prior to 2010 and receive any obtainable item of your choice as a thanks!
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Regular worlds

RSC Preservation 34 players (+) 404 in the last 48h
RSC Cabbage 9 players (+) 57 in the last 48h
2001Scape 0 players (+) 18 in the last 48h


Botting worlds

RSC Uranium 192 cyborgs (+) 227 in the last 48h
RSC Coleslaw 114 cyborgs (+) 131 in the last 48h
Latest News and Updates
Server architecture changes 19-Feb-2023
Open RuneScape Classic 5.26.0 has bee... 11-Feb-2023
The Great Party Hat Dupe of our time 31-Jan-2023
2001scape has been placed back online 27-Jan-2023
Open RuneScape Classic temporarily of... 26-Jan-2023
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