Woodcutting Guild Grand Opening on RSC Cabbage!

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Woodcutting Guild Grand Opening on RSC Cabbage!

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After going through the process of removing mentions of the Woodcutting Guild from the game, Aurora told me that she actually did want one!

So, Mr. McGrubor is happy to announce the grand opening of the new Woodcutting Guild! He has graciously turned his wood into a place where woodcutters can come to train the skill (for a small entry fee, of course; the man has to maintain his land!)
For your convenience, he has planted some yew and magic trees to help alleviate overcrowding at other trees in the surrounding areas. Mr. McGrubor has gone even further with his generosity and placed a bank chest in the guild for your use (after you pay a small convenience fee, of course)!

In other news, the magical properties of the nature altar have affected the surrounding area, and some new herb plants have sprouted for harvesting! Along with this, a tribesman has recently kicked a rock into the Karamja river and, if you have the agility level to not slip off into the strong current, you can use it as a shortcut to more quickly get to the nature altar from Shilo Village!

Be sure to update your clients so you can experience these updates!

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