1️⃣ Be respectful & civil – language is flexible to a certain extent 1.1 Don’t be rude and disrespectful 1.1.1 Especially respect all moderator & admin ranks 1.2 Do not use alternate accounts to evade mutes and bans in order to continue harassing or bullying other players, nor writing generally inappropriate comments 1.2.1 Do not use your friends to appeal mutes or bans either. Friends who appeal on behalf of others may be muted/banned themselves 1.3 No NSFW & NSFL content/discussions/player names 1.4 Do not flame or attack others 1.4.1 No hate speech or controversial topics such as Politics, Religion, Race, anti-LGBTQIA+ etc. 1.4.2 No discrimination 1.5 No impersonating staff members 1.6 Do not abuse tagging/mentions 1.7 Do not encourage rule breaking 1.8 No scamming & no gambling 1.9 No offensive account names 2️⃣ Do not use bots, autos & macros in our games, the only exception being in RSC Uranium and RSC Coleslaw 3️⃣ Do not exploit vulnerabilities or bugs. Responsibly disclose them so they can be fixed. Bug abuse will result in permanent banning from all worlds, Discord, and other platforms 3.1 In 2001scape, it is not allowed to create alt accounts to exploit quest rewards. The use of mules is allowed 4️⃣ No Real World Trading (RWT). Anything outside the OpenRSC game(s) (even from Jagex) is considered RWT 4.1 No trading between botting (Uranium & Coleslaw) and non-botting (Preservation, Cabbage & 2001scape) worlds 4.2 Account buying and selling is not allowed. 4.2.1 Account sharing is not supported or allowed. This is due to staff being unable to separate identities if one person breaks the rules and it is unfair to those competing for hiscores. 5️⃣ No illegal activity – Follow all Government Laws & all involved (Discord etc.) Terms of Services 5.1 Don’t tell people where to buy mind-altering substances, AKA drugs. Don’t endorse drugs unless they are also found in RSC (i.e. Whiskey is okay) 6️⃣ No Advertising 6.1 Other Discord Servers (without permission) is forbidden 6.2 Other RSC-based private game servers or websites is forbidden (closed source and for-profit private servers) 6.3 Any form of unwanted DM/PM advertising is forbidden 6.4 Do not advertise Open RSC to others as part of unsolicited DM/PMs, or in other servers where permission has not been granted. This is not helpful to us. It is a bad look for the project to advertise Open RSC in spaces which are dedicated to other RS communities. 7️⃣ Use English in public chats. Brief snippets of other languages are OK if it is relevant to discussion of those languages. 7.1 You must only use English in Global chat in game. 8️⃣ There is a limit to how many accounts you can play simultaneously, but not a limit on how many you may register & play on in general. Exceeding this limit may result in a temporary IP ban. The account limits are subject to change from time to time, you can always check the latest limit by typing ::mppi in-game 8.1 You are allowed to play 3 accounts simultaneously on RSC Preservation. 8.2 You are allowed to play 3 accounts simultaneously on RSC Cabbage. 8.3 You are allowed to play 2 accounts simultaneously on 2001scape. 8.4 You are allowed to play 10 accounts simultaneously on RSC Uranium. 8.5 You are allowed to play 20 accounts simultaneously on RSC Coleslaw. *️⃣ We reserve the right to remove misbehaving players at our discretion even if they haven't explicitly broken any of the above rules. *️⃣ These rules are enforced at our discretion. We typically reach out to people before banning when they have behavioral problems or trouble getting along with others, but in some cases, people who don't seem like they will change their behaviour may be banned without the courtesy of a warning. *️⃣ Our moderation team are unpaid volunteers who have a limited capacity to withstand abuse. Insulting staff is a sure way to be removed from almost any community. *️⃣ We run this as a free service, open source so anyone can run a copy themselves. We also offer account exports, so that even if you are banned, you can take your account somewhere else.