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RSC Preservation is a recreation of the authentic RuneScape Classic server as it existed at closing in 2018 using the Open RuneScape Classic source code. The only exceptions to the goal of completely replicating the authentic server are: to fix desert heat, re-add Thordur (removed in 2001), and to fix various bugs.

RSC Uranium

RSC Uranium uses the same server configuration as RSC Preservation. The only difference between the two servers are that botting is NOT allowed on RSC Preservation, while it is encouraged on RSC Uranium.

RSC Wiki

Because the goal of the RSC Preservation server is to completely recreate RuneScape Classic as it existed at closing in 2018, it is appropriate to look up information about the game on the official RuneScape Classic wiki.

However, if you edit the RSC wiki, please verify that whatever information you add is accurate to the original game, and not based only off of private server behaviours. RSC Preservation is quite accurate to the original game at this point, but there are still many small things which should still be fixed. Referencing RSC+ replays (as described below) is essential to ensuring that no private server influence permeates the wiki.


RSC+ is an authentic RSC client that supports game client recordings from a network level, replaying of recordings, world switching, and various overlays for information display. RSC+ was first released in January of 2016 during the last official reopening of RuneScape Classic. The Open RSC server is now authentic enough that the RSC+ client can connect to the server and play the game again! More information on how to use it to connect may be found here: (YouTube tutorial)