Rune Mysteries

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The Rune Mysteries quest is custom content found on the RSC Cabbage server. It is modeled to be nearly a replica of the Rune Mysteries quest that is included in later versions of the game such as RuneScape 2.



To begin this quest, talk to the Duke of Lumbridge, who can be found on the middle floor of the castle in Lumbridge.

Researching the talisman

  • Talk to the Duke and ask if he has a quest for you. He will give you an Air Talisman, and then ask you to take it to the head wizard at the Wizards Tower, south of Draynor Village.
  • Take the talisman to the Wizards Tower, which is found south of Draynor Village.
  • Find Wizard Sedridor in the basement. (Note: there is also an aggressive skeleton in the basement - be careful if you have a low combat level.)
  • The wizard will examine the talisman and then ask you to contact Aubury, the rune salesman found in Varrock, south of the east bank.
  • Agree to do so and then teleport or walk to Varrock.

Finding out about Runecrafting

  • Aubury identifies the talisman as a missing link, and will offer to teleport you back to to Wizard Sedridor with his notes.
  • Talk to the wizard in the basement again, who will give you a detailed account of the discovery, introducing you to the Runecrafting skill.
  • Quest complete!


  • 1 Quest Point
  • Access to the Runecrafting skill
  • Access the Rune Essence mines, which can be entered by either speaking to Aubury in Varrock or by teleporting through a portal in the Magic Guild in Yanille

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