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After 1/29/2023 12:00 AM
𝐌𝐚𝐫𝐰𝐨𝐥𝐟 2/11/2023 9:21 AM
February 11th Patch Notes Bug Fixes
  • Players muted from global chat should no longer be able to circumvent the mute by PMing the Global friend
  • Global unmuting someone will no longer regular unmute them (though being regular muted prevents from talking in global)
  • Corrected the server-side boundary around the Gnome bank
  • Built in a requirement for both players to unequip items when dueling if that is the rule
  • Moved isSleeping() check to the beginning to fix a null packet that allowed instant sleeping
  • Fixed OpenPK points overflow and incorrect points calculation
  • Disabled cape dying in 2001scape as it did not exist then
  • Fixed the Observatory Quest optional reward and finishing the quest at all on one of the dialogue choices
  • Fixed ranged not giving per hit XP in 2001scape and constrained XP earned properly
  • Fixed an oversight where players could dupe the Family Crest gauntlets and use both enchantments
  • Added a way for (Cabbage) players to reobtain their Family Crest gauntlets from [the Family Crest guy] without dying
  • Fixed a lack of delay and not removing water in Monks Friend quest dialogue
  • Corrected the boots of lightfootedness appearance
  • Mods should now be able to mute and unmute offline players
9:21 AM
  • Fixed Discord monitoring integration
  • Added in-game abuse report forwarding to a specified Discord channel for mods
  • Global message system now outputs to the Quest History tab by default instead of Private (toggle with ::gq or ::gp)
  • Added a configuration to the "Mice to Meet You" event to run without removing rats
  • Added global message restrictions by adding a total level requirement and cool down timer
  • Added a new config to disable NPC aggro level check abd enabled it for 2001scape (always be aggressive)
  • Added a configuration to allow the movement logout timer to be disabled in 2001scape
  • Added the ability for staff to rename players
  • Turned off Ester's Bunnies in all server config files
  • Added a message to the dragonstone amulet that lets you know how many charges you have left before and after teleporting (on Cabbage) Core Improvements
  • Fixed an item duplication bug
  • Cleaned up the Family Crest file to use RuneScript functions
  • Moved the Dwarf Rescue miniquest and most of its related functionality to its own file
  • Authentically ended abusive shop blocking by exiting the dialog menu after 5 mins and 20 sec if just idle or after 20 sec if another player tries to talk to the shop NPC
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rscpluslogoface RSC+ release 20230214.000143; Valentine's Day release ❤️ rscpluslogo This release has been a long time coming. I'd like to credit the authors who made this massive update possible. Conker:
  • It is now possible to toggle how many actions and how much time until reaching an XP goal
  • Fonts are now loaded the same way as prior to 2009, for consistency (configurable in General tab)
  • Added a hook to disable/change the colour of the @ran@ chat effect
  • Spells, Prayers, Friends, Ignored players, and Quests can all now be scrolled using the scroll wheel
  • Denylist for Private Message notifications (Most useful for 3rd party servers with a "Global" friend user)
  • Client scaling!!!!! Enabled by default, press alt-s to toggle, alt-up to increase scale, alt-down to decrease scale
  • Fixed a bug where some clicks would not register on custom overlays, such as the RSC+ bank interface
  • Supported camera rotation by side-swiping on compatible trackpads
  • General cleanup and minor bugfixes such as
** OK button now Applies the settings instead of only saving them. ** Cancel button no longer saves the settings (bug since 2016) ** Fixed some comments, etc. Logg:
  • Font rendering can toggle between system/jagex fonts without reloading the client
  • Wiki Lookup button matches font setting
  • Added support for newer 3DConnexion mice in the Space Mouse 3D mouse family
  • Conker & Yumeko added to the Authors tab
  • Programmed various @ran@ chat effect overrides
  • General tab Settings reorganization
  • Fixed Twitch chat integration in the year 2023 & provided a tutorial
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RSC+ quickfix 20230214.143000 Conker:
  • Fixes offset mouse issue for some users (aesthetically regressing the loading screen from proper 512x346 to 487x307 or something like that). Let us know if it works for you!
  • Toggle for trackpad camera rotation (alt-D)
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Changelog 2023/03/08 Bugfixes
  • Pickpocketing timing reduced by 1 tick.
  • Fixed the inability to report players that have not spoken recently
  • Fixed friends list issues on legacy clients. Including the friends list not loading any friends and removing global friend.
  • Players will no longer have the "Logging out" box stuck open if they get jumped before logout can complete.
  • Prayer on and off sounds will no longer play on F2P config servers
  • You will no longer be added to your own friends list when someone adds you
  • Crumble undead will now only work on specific (correct) NPCs
  • Fixed dwarf cannon shop to restock
  • Fixed a suspected agility exploit with the grew island rope swing
  • Fixed a bug where you could get TPed back to Iban after being killed by him
  • Fixed the lesser demon cage gate to be P2P only
  • Can no longer heat steel bars on F2P worlds
  • Made Sheep Shearer take even longer (increased the delay for removing wool from the player to match replays)
  • Fixed some inauthenticity with Thrander (message content and timings)
  • Fixed an issue with muting offline players when they had never been muted before.
  • Fixed a bug in the gold crafting menu where it would assume you wanted to add a gem if you clicked away instead of selecting "Yes" or "No"
  • Fixed an issue on Cabbage where your dragonstone amulet would unequip after using up the last charge.
  • Fixed an issue where the moderator command ::setcache would always save the cache value as a String.
  • Fixed an issue where the ::check mod command would not work on offline players if they had spaces in their username. Enhancements All Servers
    • MANY combat authenticity changes
      • Aggressive NPCs now reaggro in 3.2 seconds regardless of who started the battle/tick rate
      • Retreating enemies now retreat on their turn
      • Retreating enemies will not respond to projectiles and will stand still when their path is finished, until 10s has elapsed since they ran away.
      • Retreating npcs that are moving have an additional tick immunity
      • Cannot reattack retreating NPCs on the same tick that they ran away
      • Introduced a 3 tick - 1 tick combat cycle for specific combat scenarios
      • Catching is now 2 tiles for both PvM and PvP, adjustable separately in server config.
    • Crossbow bolts have been buffed to have the same "ranged power" as iron arrows
    • New PVP combat formula based on observed data from official RSC.
    • ORSC client chat logged to console RSC Cabbage
    • Skillcapes Batch 3 including Defense, Hits, Prayer, Agility, Herblaw, Woodcutting, Harvesting, Ranged and Firemaking
    • Female Chain Mail Tops have been added. Take your chain mail body to Thrander to get it swapped to a version that is much more form-fitting for the feminine body type (HUGE thanks to Mod Aurora for drawing the sprites!)
    • New Harvesting tutorial NPC Lily added to the Lumbridge allotment patch
    • Raw cod can now be ground into fish oil.
  • NPCs now process before players, allowing for more authentic behavior with NPC interactions.
  • Good words, alert words, and bad words chat filtering
    • Three new moderator commands: ::addalertword ::removealertword ::togglespacefiltering; documentation in
    • Added server configs for server_sided_word_filtering & server_sided_word_space_filtering
  • ::alert will now show a message regardless of client version
  • Staff command to remove specific items from banks
  • Staff commands logged to Discord for monitoring and auditing
  • Player mods+ can now reply to DMs without having the other player added
  • Moderators will now be prompted to confirm a mute when attempting to apply a mute of a shorter duration than the current mute.
  • Added a config to automatically swap chain mail bodies/tops depending on the body type of the player who puts it on. (The idea being that chain mail is more form fitting than plate armor.) This is set to off by default.
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𝐌𝐚𝐫𝐰𝐨𝐥𝐟 4/29/2023 10:27 AM
Changelog 2023/04/29 Bugfixes
  • Removed a +1 magic damage bonus that you would get when your magic bonus was >= 31. Very likely inauthentic.
  • Fixed an issue where players could get stuck in Barbarian Agility Course with 100 fatigue.
  • Fixed many, many NPC interaction and busy state issues (thanks, Yumeko!)
  • Fixed the effect of draining spells like Claws of Guthix and Flames of Zamorak to be more authentic
  • Make Charge benefit for god spells only apply if player is wearing godcape
  • Huge authenticity rework of drinkables including packet ordering and stat draining.
  • Fixed an issue where logging out would break combat
  • Fixed an issue with 2001Scape by removing the combat delay
  • Fixed the Fear spell
  • Fixed an issue where spears and knifes would not show up on the ground after being thrown even if they didn't break (pending merge)
  • Fixed an issue where thieving on Cabbage was too fast. Also fixed thieving in general since there were issues after the NPC processing rework.
  • Fixed some messages relating to Weaken spell, super potions, and god spells for accuracy
  • Fixed the skill names in level up messages
  • Throwing a gnomeball will now cause you to face your target
  • Bearded ladies can no longer be created from the ORSC client or by packet manipulation (configurable by server maintainers).
  • Fixed an issue where the AvatarGenerator would break the server
  • Removed an inauthentic bear from the wilderness
  • Fixed an issue in older clients where some chat messages wouldn't appear
  • Fixed an issue with the rename system when you would try to rename someone to a name that was too long
  • Fixed a bug where you could dupe the gem in Legend's Quest. The gem can also no longer be telegrabbed.
  • Fixed the Foresters outside of McGrubber's Wood so that they will talk to you if you try to enter the gate
  • Fixed the ignore and friend list limits for post-2004 clients (pending merge)
Enhancements Android Client
10:28 AM
  • Added a status toolbar that displays your network and battery statuses (pending merge)
All Servers
  • New ranged formula based on observed data (thanks, stormy!)
  • Added a wealth evaluator to the bank. Uses the "base price" from the cache to calculate the total wealth of all tradeable items
  • Changed some of the tutorial to be more Cabbage-specific. Specifically the fatigue expert, combat instructor, and community instructor.
  • Added a NPC for skipping the tutorial
  • Slicing dragonfruit and coconuts is now batched
  • Making god wines is now batched
  • Cleaned up the skill guide - Fixed adamantite longsword sprite, added chain mail legs, and removed the reference to a "Woodcutting guild."
  • Added a chat message to the thieving cape so that it is more in-line with the others
  • Cooking cape will now allow you into the Cooking Guild
  • Added a "compile-all" target to ant
  • Added documentation to the Discord class
  • Added backup and monitoring scripts
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rscpluslogo RSC+ v20230505.050505 Cinco de Mayo release rscpluslogo All these changes were done by @conker:
  • You can choose to put numbers in front of the dialogue options now if you want, similar to the appearance of dialogue options on the RSC Cabbage server e.g. (1), (2), (3) in front of dialogue options. This is disabled by default.
  • You can now scroll the chat with the scroll wheel. This is done by hovering over the scroll bar and scrolling, or by holding ctrl and using scroll wheel from any mouse position.
  • Sound effects now have a volume slider under the Audio tab. 100% volume is the default, and it produces the exact same waveforms as before this update at that volume.
  • Trackpad camera rotation now has a slider for sensitivity under the General tab.
  • Chat history now persists between login sessions. You can disable this if you like, but it is enabled by default.
  • RSC+ will now stop you from alching your nature rune stack. You can enable the ability to alch nature runes again under the General tab, if you truly wish to do such a thing.
  • Highlighted items now highlight in the right-click menu.
  • The combat level generated by ::cmb now correctly calculates Ranged Pures' combat levels.
  • Option to disable clicking a skill to pin it as the XP bar skill was added to the right click menu of the XP Bar.
  • The extended bottom bar is now transparent showing the sky colour behind it, similar to the rest of the bottom bar.
  • Player names shown overhead are now alphabetized.
  • Option to show your own name overhead or not when overhead player names are enabled.
  • PID of your own player is shown in the debug menu
  • The debug menu is now opened with ctrl-alt-d instead of ctrl-d
  • Overlay text is now hidden when it intersects the right click menu.
  • Players that can be attacked in the wilderness can now be shown in a different (configurable) colour (Setting must be enabled in the Overlays panel)
  • Various Scaling fixes, primarily affecting Mac OS users.
  • The font used by RSC+ to draw its text over the client is no longer anti-aliased, but can be configured to look like before if desired, at the bottom of the Overlays tab.
  • "Exact match" support for Block and Highlight items was added. You can surround an item with "quotes" in order to specify that it is the exact name of the item you would like to block or highlight.
@Ryan made this change:
  • The HP/Prayer/Fatigue bars can now be forced to be their text representations at the top left of the screen, even at high widths, as a configurable option (off by default) @Logg did QA on each change, asked for revisions when needed, and updated the Authors tab.
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Changelog 2023/05/23


  • The combat formula was replaced after much investigation. Men, Cows, and Goblins are now viable monsters to train on as a level 3 account, like in the original RSC. This was a total rewrite of the formula, with several people contributing to the implementation. It should exactly match the combat formula of the original RSC at this point. Compared to the previous formula used on OpenRSC, Defense is more important now. Thanks to Yumeko especially for getting this done.
  • Monsters had their Defense and Strength stats swapped, this has now been fixed. Mostly the Defense & Strength stats on NPCs are close to each other anyway, but this does impact certain monsters more, like the Battle Mages, which had 0 defense before and now have 90.
  • A few monsters that were meant to be aggressive now are aggressive ### Enhancements
  • Mobile client now has network & battery status icons ### Bugfixes
  • The Fear spell in 2001scape was revised to work more correctly.
  • Fixed Spears & Knives not spawning multiple ground items when thrown
  • Fixed Ignore List limit for 2004+ clients
  • Prayer potions now work correctly again
  • Added potion to imp drop table
  • Custom protocol now validates packet length
  • Fixed crash with more than 25 clan members in a clan. The new limit is 200.
  • NPCs who are talked to while standing on the same tile as them will now correctly check their bounds before moving.
  • Fixed an issue with Grand Tree quest
  • No longer need 10 crafting to make the Lens during Observatory Quest (authentic)
  • Fixed regression of logouts being accidentally rate limited. This is part of what was crashing the Uranium server.
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Changelog 2023/05/24


  • Fixed the ability to create fires while using Custom Client & Android Client
  • Fixed an arrow duplication bug on servers that use Bank Presets
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Changelog 2023/06/13 New Features
  • OpenRSC is now compatible with clients 203 & 204! Antique clients speaking these protocols can be used on the RSC Preservation and RSC Uranium servers.
  • On RSC Cabbage and RSC Coleslaw, the Pride Cape is obtainable from the Make over mage during the month of June (every year). This was deployed on 4 June this year.
  • On RSC Cabbage and RSC Coleslaw, you can now make your own leather from cowhide. Use a knife on meat to obtain fat, then use the fat on the cow hide while holding a hammer to bang the fat into the leather. The treated leather then needs to be dried on a fire.
  • On RSC Cabbage and RSC Coleslaw, you can now smith female chainmail & female plate tops.
Bug Fixes
  • Harvesting is no longer batched on servers that support the harvesting skill but don't have batching enabled (affecting none of our live servers)
  • Shape Shifter (from Witch's House quest) no longer retreats
  • Fixed issue with claws of guthix permanently changing the projectile clipping value of world tiles
  • WalkToMobActions work more authentically now. Walking has never been so correct. (see for more details)
  • Kebabs no longer heal twice.
  • Cape of inclusion is no longer tradable or noteable.
  • Dying to Peter Skippin will now reset your HP properly.
  • Peter Skippin no longer kills HCIM and just skips the tutorial for them.
  • Fixed a bug where Rune Mysteries could not be discussed until Peeling the Onion was completed (unless you've already changed yourself into an ogre)
  • Fixed some bugs with the apothecary QOL dialog and moved it into its own functions.
  • Fixed issue where apothecary batched Strength Potion creation even on authentic configs
  • Fixed issue where apothecary's QOL dialogue could be accessed via packet manipulation on authentic configs (not abused on our live servers)
  • Added 2 armor to the Cape of Inclusion
  • The Cape of Inclusion can now be reclaimed from Thessalia if lost (players that have previously claimed the cape will need to reclaim it from the Make Over Mage for the flag to get set properly).
  • Disabled the PK kill feed on Cabbage config as it usually just led to people flaming each other.
  • Some general refactoring of Desert Heat was done.
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New RSC+ release 20230614.060900
  • Fixed bug where computers without soundcard crashed when sound was played
  • Added "Items kept on death" indicator. Press CTRL+D to toggle the overlay.
Thanks Conker.
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Changelog 2023/06/16 Bug Fixes
  • Changed Cabbage / Coleslaw NPC aggro range to 1 tile
  • Changed path validation logic surrounding full wall blocks
Changelog 2023/07/06 New Features
  • New "@pin@" colour code for RSC Cabbage, usable in the Experience Drops interface.
  • New "copypassword" command for admins
  • New "onlinelistlocs" command for moderators (replacing default behaviour of always including locations with "onlinelist" command)
  • New "leapaboutinstantnavigator" command (with alias "lain") for event tier+, automating "pr" and "pn" commands
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rscpluslogo RSC+ v20230818.180806 release, commemorating over 5 years since RuneScape Classic was shut down by Jagex. rscpluslogo All these changes were done by @conker. I worked with him to review & request changes.
  • Ability to search for settings with a search bar. The interface for this was designed by @Cuig but the implementation was entirely redone by conker. If you still can't find a setting you know exists, tell us, and we can add a keyword for it.
  • Entirely new interfaces with modern flat design. This primarily affects the Settings window and the Replay Queue window. The old interface design remains accessible, search for "nimbus".
  • Both a Dark mode and Light mode are available now for RSC+ user interfaces. (In-game rendering unaffected)
  • The Settings window now has a text bar at the bottom displaying tooltip texts more quickly. You can click the bar to enable the behaviour, and click it again to disable the changing text.
  • On Microsoft Windows Operating Systems, 7 or newer (and maybe Vista): the Settings window, Map window, Replay Queue window, and all other interfaces now scale according to the Operating System's scaling settings when using the modern flat design mode (default).
  • An "About" section was added to the tray icon menu. It links to the Author's tab in Settings (which by the way was updated to place conker higher up in the contributors list).
  • Ground Item Name Overlays can now be enabled only for Highlighted Items. Toggle this with alt-g.
  • Toggle for Ground Item Name Overlay moved from ctrl-i to ctrl-g.
  • A gear has been added to the login screen at the top right, allowing you to click it to open settings.
  • Added a warning notice for users who install RSC+ in a location it doesn't have permission to create files.
  • Rooves are now shown by default. You can use the keybind ctrl-r to disable them.
  • The Connection Indicator (which flashes a yellow exclamation mark at the bottom right when lag is detected) is now disabled by default. You can use the keybind ctrl-w to enable it.
  • Added a message when the XP bar's XP/hr period is reset by the user.
  • Fixed a bug where "items kept on death" might sometimes be shown when not intended.
  • Fixed a bug where players with a space in their name didn't have a glyph to display that space in overhead names overlay (primarily affecting replays from 2018).
  • Fixed source code formatting in QueueWindow (no apparent change for users).
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