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Open RuneScape Classic 5.23.1 has been released!

Posted: Fri Sep 16, 2022 8:47 am
by Marwolf
September 16th Patch Notes ... RSC-5.23.1

**Bug Fixes**
- Corrected the Draynor manor closet skeleton from the Earnest the Chicken quest as well as level 19 zombie to no longer be aggressive
- Fixed an issue where the player did not have enough quantity of a stacked item when attempting to do an action, such as take a boat (2001scape)
- Corrected an issue with dying while carrying multiple stacks of inventory items where they were not being dropped at death properly (2001scape)
- Solved a bug associated with quests which were giving far too much skilling XP when higher XP rates were enabled (RSC Cabbage 5x, RSC Coleslaw 5x)