Historic (2021-01-28): On Notes and Rab Certs

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Historic (2021-01-28): On Notes and Rab Certs

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It has been two weeks since this poll was opened. A super majority of players would like to see no Rab certs on the OpenRSC/RSC Preservation server.

I'm glad for this, since it will mean a more authentic Preservation server. Sorry to those who enjoyed using Bank Notes or were excited by the idea of Rab certs. The concept of Rab certs may still be developed as an interesting concept at some point, but I don't see that it would be enabled on any of the servers that we run.

Notes will be removed as planned in the newspost from January 1st, but now Rab Certs will not replace them. We are allowing you 2 additional weeks to use Bank Notes on the Open RSC server, to organize your banks, or to move items between accounts. Those paying attention to the poll 2 weeks ago would have quickly seen that it didn't look like Rab Certs were going to pass, so this is basically 1 month notice.

The creation of Bank notes, and the ability to trade them will be disabled on the Open RSC server on February 15th. Bank Notes will of course continue to be available on the RSC Cabbage server.
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