Historic (2021-02-15): Bank Note Removal and Fishing Rates Update

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Historic (2021-02-15): Bank Note Removal and Fishing Rates Update

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The day is here!
Today is the date that we promised to remove Bank Notes from the server. This has been done today, as promised. You are still able to deposit notes into your bank, and you can even sell noted items to general stores, but you cannot make new bank notes, drop them, or trade them.

As stated in the New Years Day post, any noted items in players inventory still remaining after about 2 years will either be deleted or deposited into player's banks manually.
In other news
Fishing success rates are now authentic to what they were on the original RSC server. This is a major step forward for the project, and you can expect to see more skilling rates adjusted in the near future.

For more information on what exactly about fishing changed, you can read my summary here, and the exact code implementation can also be read there. In general, it seems that the success rates in OSRS have not changed since RSC, with a few exceptions. Through careful examination of RSC+ data and RSC botting screenshots, we were able to implement fishing rates of unprecedented accuracy in Open RSC. Without exaggeration, fishing rates are now within 0.5% accuracy of what they were originally and in many cases should be exactly what they used to be.

Before this update, the old RSCL implementation gave you two rolls when fishing at a spot with two different fish, and the rates for each were higher than authentic as well. This was suitable for an enjoyable private server experience, but not suitable whatsoever for a replica preservationalist server.
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