Open RSC 5.23.0 has been released!

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Open RSC 5.23.0 has been released!

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2022-03-13 Patch notes:

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed retro spell damage where not authentic
  • Bears and rats should now drop generic meat
  • There is now no level to mine blurite on retro worlds
  • Re-addressed spell damages and lifted the restriction of trading/staking/selling untradeables on retro worlds
  • Updated attackable NPCs and fixed not being able to attack NPCs like Straven (edited)

2022-03-15 Patch notes:

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed bugs related to max stacks of cash (65k). These fixes were actually applied yesterday.
  • Fixed issue where players and enemies in combat would sometimes appear to be stuck in combat even after being removed.
  • Fixed issue where players would sometimes have their accounts stuck in the player list, preventing them from logging in, with the message that their account was already in use.
  • The fear spell was fixed to only work for in-combat npcs
::onlinelist now works on 2001scape

  • We have enacted new rules specifically surrounding the act of creating new accounts to reap quest rewards, and transferring them to your main account. (No longer an allowed interaction). We will take action against all your known accounts in all games if you are found to be abusing Black
  • Knight's Fortress specifically.
  • We have lowered the amount of players you may have online per IP address to 2, and the max connections to 10.
  • You may now only create an account once every 12 hours.
  • Temporarily, it is no longer possible to register new accounts from the web client, since due to the way it works, account registrations appear to come from localhost. We will attempt to resolve this soon. Accounts may still be registered from the WinRune and rsctimes clients. (edited)
2022-04-16 patch notes:
  • Client version needed to be updated to 10009 to support more skin colours and a network protocol extension. For now, we allow clients identifying as 10008 to continue accessing the server, but you had ought to update soon.
  • Landscape & Sprites updated for the Peeling an Onion Quest
  • When the custom client receives an unknown opcode, it will now notify the user in chat instead of logging out the user with no explanation.
  • "Gender" changed to "Body Type" in the player appearance setting screen on the custom client
  • Skin colour of auction clerk was changed to be less green
  • PID shuffling similar to what existed in 2016+ RSC is now in effect on all configs except for 2001scape.
  • The commands "shufflepid", "setpidshuffleinterval", and "getappearance" have been added
  • Players can now craft Leather Vests
  • Fixed a bug in that the Oak, Willow, & Maple shortbows could not fire all the same arrows as their longer counterparts
  • Dragon Longbow can now shoot ice arrows
  • The 2003 era web client will now trigger the server to send a CLIENT_UPDATED login response when attempting to use it to log in to RSC Cabbage,
  • RSC Coleslaw, or the OpenPK alpha, unless the user is an administrator.
  • You can now change combat style, privacy settings, and game settings without interrupting a multi-choice dialog.
    qsay function from runescript was missing & now is implemented. it is the same as "say" except it does not delay.
  • If more than 64 players are added to the same player appearance update packet, and the player to be updated is using client 233+ protocol, the openrsc server will now only send the first letter of the users name, in the second (redundant) username field. This will not usually affect normal clients, but in some custom clients, such as RSC+, are affected in minor ways. This has been done to save some bytes in the network protocol, to raise the ceiling for how many accounts updating at once will crash a client with a network buffer of only 5000 bytes. Chunking the update packet entirely would be a better solution, and it may be done in the future.
  • Esters Bunnies event enabled on rsc cabbage and rsc coleslaw configs
2022-05-14 patch notes:
  • No longer able to sleep while sleeping for maximum fatigue restoration (doctors hate this one simple trick!)
  • You will now feel the intense heat of the desert. This was a feature of RuneScape Classic that was broken by work done in 2009, but had existed and worked until then. The Bebadin camp, shantay pass, and the Desert Mining Camp are all safe areas.
  • The "Charge" spell has been fixed so that re-casting it re-sets the amount of time before Charge fades.
  • Various ranging bugs have been fixed (big thanks to Chomp)
  • Player Blocking has been revised so that the player will face other players clicked on even when clicked on from more than 1 tile away
  • Some rat and spider spawns have been added/corrected in the Wilderness
  • Various buggy behaviours that could be invoked while walking to meet your confirmed duel opponent have now been prevented
  • Fight Arena quest no longer requires a Khazard Guard to be within 5 tiles of your player in order to progress past stage 1
  • A logic error with the ::becomenpc player moderator+ command has been fixed
2022-05-15 patch notes:
  • Gold Jewelry Crafting has been rewritten. It properly supports Crown crafting on RSC Cabbage/Coleslaw, and is no longer broken on RSC Preservation/Uranium.
  • The auto-detection mechanism of what gold jewelry you can craft on the Cabbage/Coleslaw servers has been re-implemented in a different way, which allows you to choose what quantity of the item you'd like to make
  • "Items that drop on death" have been rewritten and should be less buggy now
  • Open PK (alpha) has been updated with presets, starter items, custom shops, a point shop expansion, and the removal of quest requirements to wield items.
2022-07-23 Patch notes:
  • Watch tower quest, Tourist trap, Legend's Quest, and Tutorial Island all had minor fixes
  • Prayers system was rewritten to be more authentic
  • Player Facing fixes were written to be more authentic
  • Dragonstone Amulet was revised to be more authentic
  • Dummies were revised to be more authentic
  • An error where items with a value of 0 could be duplicated by selling to shop was fixed
  • Fixes for possibility of duplicating dragon square and prototype darts
  • Necromancer was revised to be more authentic
  • Launcher was revised to enable storing the cache in a user defined location
  • More Open PK shop changes
  • Moderator commands ::possessnext, ::cboundary, and support for becoming certain pieces of scenery were added
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