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Open RSC 5.22.0 has been released!

Posted: Tue Aug 16, 2022 3:39 pm
by Marwolf
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed issue where you could walk away from NPCS after making a selection in a multi menu, even if dialogue continues
  • Conciliated price shop differences between 2001scape and modern game clients which used to be separate
  • Made numerous 2001scape authenticity corrections
  • Fixed issue where the player did not get logged in successfully when registering
  • Monk of Zamorak now authentically attacks players taking half wine for 2001scape
  • It is now possible to kick yourself/your superiors (if any moderators with kick privilege abused this, they would just be demodded)
  • The black dragon should be dropping 50 fire runes authentically
  • Fixed a bug where prayer was falsely stuck to 1/x
  • Corrected not being able to cast spells in combat on 2001scape
  • Updated the 2001scape game launcher logo and added both webclient and RSCx (RSC+ fork with mudclient38)
  • Added commands to remove items and skulls for admins as well as to enable unequipped item swapping between players via command
  • Removed the warning of players failing sleep words on Uranium & some other server configs where botting is allowed
  • Invisible moderators can now execute commands without informing their target of the effect to prevent rage quits
  • Added 2001scape specific town names & teleport points
  • All XP and loot will now go to the last attacking player on 2001scape
  • Each successful ranged hit will now give a bit of XP on 2001scape
  • Only basic runes may be obtainable by NPC drops on 2001scape
  • Fixed a bug with dropping kittens and attacking players with mage/range
  • Expanded the capability of ::becomenpc on 2001scape. AppearanceId38 created, utilized in a refactored & expanded AppearanceRetroConverter
  • Sleepwords are no longer loaded when launching the 2001scape server, even if sleepwords are in the correct directory
  • Set the server save interval for RSC Uranium to 5 minutes instead of every 30 seconds to reduce server slowness with 750+ online players
  • Fixed an issue if a client connection closed too quickly for sendLogoutRequestConfirm to work which resulted in slow logouts
Core Improvements
  • Refactored / extended AppearanceRetroConverter as well as introduced townLocationsRetro and cycleclothing dev commands
  • Removed a redundant five minute server database save of all players
  • Fixed the Android app so that it gets the IPv4 address from the URL, thus removing the need to hardcode the IP
  • Added a hiscores_url parameter to the game launcher's injected RSC+ world configs for RSC Preservation / RSC Uranium