Happy Easter from OpenRSC!

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Happy Easter from OpenRSC!

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Logg — 04/17/2022
Hi @everyone, and Happy Easter!

OpenRSC is celebrating the holiday on four of our servers!:

:easteregg: On RSC Preservation, we will be dropping Bunny ears world-wide, as we have done in previous years. Every hour at 00 minutes, the whole world will be covered in Bunny ears.

:easteregg: On RSC Cabbage, we have a new quest this year! The quest is called "Peeling an Onion" and can be started by talking either to Sedridor or to Kresh (pictured above) in Lumbridge Swamp. This quest gives some really great cosmetic rewards, and will be a permanent feature of the world going forward. We are also bringing back the Ester's Bunnies event from last year, and will be dropping easter eggs, bunny ears, and chicken caps, as we have in years past, at the 00 mark of each hour.

:easteregg: On RSC Uranium, Easter Egg vouchers will be given out very shortly now to eligible accounts (eligibility details are in the post quoted). We will also be hosting Easter Egg drop parties at the Seers Party Room (upstairs) at NOON EST, 4 PM EST, and 9 PM EST, in case the requirements are too high and you'd still like an egg.

:easteregg: On RSC Coleslaw, the Cabbage quest is also available to you this year. We are enabling the Ester's Bunnies event, I believe for the first time on this server. Easter Egg vouchers will be given away with the same eligibility requirements as on Uranium.

:easteregg: 2001scape will not have an Easter event this year, as there was not an easter event in 2001. Authentic!

For the new quest, you will need to update your RSC Cabbage client, which can be done from the launcher. Android users will also need to update their client. See patch-notes for a full list of changes, and for spoilers on item/skill requirements of the new quest.
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