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APOS 2.7.0 has been released!

Posted: Mon Dec 20, 2021 1:19 pm
by Marwolf ... ases/2.7.0

Patch notes:
- Added script search field to script selection frame
- Correction to AlKharid Smelter script, removal of barbminer
- IDE suggested script clean up
- Improved compile and run batch file scripts
- Updated script AA_VarrockWestSmither to fix a bug where stackable items were being deposited slowly
- Removed the defunct authentication thread
- Updated script AA_PotionMixer to fix an off by one error that could potentially cause issues
- Added script AA_BrimhavenPirates
- Added script AA_WhiteBerries
- Added script AA_FishingGuild
- Added script AA_MountainDwarves
- Added script AA_SnapeGrass
- Changed getPlayerByName to use equalsIgnoreCase
- Updated AA_ChaosDruidWarriors, AA_DruidsCircle, and AA_EdgevilleChaosDruids to add support for names with spaces
- Updated script AA_GnomeFlax to add support for picking at bank location
- Added script AA_AxeHut
- Added script AA_HerosGuildBlueDragon
- Added script AA_PirateHut
- Added script AA_BlessedSpiders
- Updated scripts AA_AmuletEnchanter and AA_HighLevelAlchemy to increase cast delay