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Open RSC 5.16.1 has been released!

Posted: Sun Jul 25, 2021 9:46 pm
by Marwolf ... RSC-5.16.1

June 30th Patch Notes

Bug Fixes
- Removed outdated SQL integration from certain developer commands
- Fixed a bug with XP rollover when using MySQL with the 2001scape server configuration
- Fixed a custom Item/NPC/Game Objects design flaw with IDs
- Fixed a vulnerability with underscores before and after player names
- Added fixes for retro client compatibility with the 2001scape server configuration
- Corrected an issue with saving player ironman status
- Changed Oziach's shop Rune Platemail stock 1 -> 2 (authentic)
- Changed Gerrants' Shrimp stock 30 -> 0 (authentic)
- Modified nature rune drops 1 -> 3 and chaos rune drops from 1 -> 2 (authentic)
- Set mobs that drop bones to only be regular for 2001scape
- Corrected the black hole ladder ID (authentic)
- Fixed Davon's amulet shop restock timer (authentic)
- Incorporated the old food level dependent healing for 2001scape (meat, bread, and pies)
- Fixed the air runecrafting altar not being walkable
- Fixed and cross-checked all droptables (except chaos druid double-herb) (authentic)

- Added first person view in the custom client (press F2 to toggle)
- Added possession commands to allow event permission or higher to posess NPCs or players
- Ensured the ability to become any NPC by approximating the closest possible player appearance
- Added a plugin to handle PK bots with the OpenPK server configuration
- Set PK bots to check the player's combat level on the OpenPK server configuration
- Added a customizable default respawn location
- Added a configuration to automatically skip tutorial island on the OpenPK server configuration
- Added 2001scape spell and gathering tool on object behaviors

Core Improvements
- Implemented SQLite for player data by default, configurable to use MySQL/MariaDB
- Refactored the Quest XP reward structure
- Added a configurable time-based element to the network protocol (session id sender timer) for Mudclient 177 compatibility
- Upgraded MySQL connector version 8 compatibility and improved JDBC patch logging
- Added support for unsigned short stacks in the player inventory that were present in 2001
- Changed shops to be restricted to display either the max ID or the highest supported by the client
- Updated the WorldLoader which loads each sector of the game map to not use hard coded server constants as this was limiting the max X coordinate of tiles loaded by the server at 959
- Removed unnecessary logging in EntityList
- Changed the server to only check regions that are visible to the mob rather than all surrounding regions for performance improvements
- Added authentic PID assignment