Open RuneScape Classic 5.12.0 has been released!

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Open RuneScape Classic 5.12.0 has been released!

Post by Marwolf » ... RSC-5.12.0

Apr 13th Patch Notes

Bug Fixes
- Fixed to allow prospecting without a pickaxe
- Fixed wipeinventory command so it doesn't wipe your own inventory instead of the target
- Fixed a potential issue with combat style de-sync on login
- Corrected CHAT_MESSAGE & COMMAND in RSC235Parser
- Made mining authentic in that multiple players can get ore but batch is interrupted if there is no more ore left at the end of the attempt
- Changed to allow a player to finish the current action before ending batch on depleted fishing spots, same for woodcutting and mining
- Removed the inauthentic strict level check on throwing items
- Black dragons now access the ultra rare drop table at twice the rate
- Dragon med helm is now twice as common on the ultra rare drop table
- Imp beads will all drop at the same rate
- Updated the size of array for woodcutting and fishing since possible maximum level can be 142
- Labeled EVERY SINGLE animation in the client. Please note that client Appearance IDs and server Appearance IDs are offset by 1
- Staff command `::become Marwolf` refers to a black wolf now, the Hellhound

- Added an Easter mini quest event with bunny and egg ring to transform the player into either
- Thessalia will now be able to return lost Easter rings. Players can only carry one of each Easter ring

Core Improvements
- Performance improvements on Region, consolidated logic on selecting a player, upgraded Guava, and minor refactoring
- Renamed GAME_OBJECT and WALL_OBJECT to SCENERY and BOUNDARY, respectively. Fixed a typo in the stringifyEntities method
- Simplified static batch functions in Functions class
- Included a class for knownplayer handler, reserved for future implimentations and isPossiblyValid for parser38
- Added most of the input protocol abstraction layer and including mud38 input protocol parsing
- Fixed some RuneScript functions that were using InteractingPlayer instead of ContextPlayer
- Should fix the remaining "double event" bugs, but this was actually a separate defect. We no longer will filter packets in the player class with the hope that it also deduplicates plugin invocation, instead, the plugin handler will check to see if a plugin of that classname+trigger is already running on the player
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