Open RuneScape Classic 5.11.0 has been released!

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Open RuneScape Classic 5.11.0 has been released!

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Mar 31st Patch Notes

**Bug Fixes**
- Implemented authentic woodcutting rates
- Added authentic "Easter egg" appearance ID in network protocol
- Fixed the base price of the quest reward Oyster Pearls
- Added law rune drop to Pirates
- Removed the online check for un/banning players as it was unnecessary\
- Corrected an issue with fish food during the Earnest the Chicken quest

- Added the year that a player obtained the scythe / bunny ears to the player cache
- Added a feature where UIM players can exchange market certs for bank certs
- Added guilds and opal ring to the skill guide interface
- Changed the Mining Guild icon and added a teaser for the Woodcutting Guild
- Added the ability for moderators+ to transform into NPCs, wield various robes, and become gods (mash up of random sprites, optional randomized chat messages)
- Added new custom sprites for bat bones and dragon bones

**Core Improvements**
- RSC235 support is no longer in beta
- Fixed a double action bug with picking up items that allowed duping to occur
- Fixed the kick & save players process when server shutdown occurs which was related to the double action bug
- Fixed an issue with withinRange limits
- Removed an inauthentic server opcode from the list
- Added with all RuneScript functions defined
- Removed player.isDropping as it was no longer necessary
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