Open RuneScape Classic 5.9.0 has been released!

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Open RuneScape Classic 5.9.0 has been released!

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Mar 1st Patch Notes

**Bug Fixes**
- Set the server to remove runes only if the player has all required and added a pickpocket option to Khazard guards that was missing
- Fixed the handling of notes in inventory for servers where notes are no longer enabled. This allows the user to sell notes to store or to deposit them in bank. Trading, staking, or dropping notes is restricted.
- Refactored depreciated "custom protocol" to "nothing reuse me" for future re-use
- Refactored existing skilling rate formulas as "legacy" as they do not always conform to RSC+ recording data in the case of cascading style rates
- Implemented OSRS fishing skilling rates which match up with RSC+ replay data and rewrote fishing plugin to be more authentic
- Corrected a fishing fail message when on tutorial island
- Fixed issue where players would potentially become stuck after combat if they disconnected
- Made fishing trawler world tick independent as it would be impossible to succeed otherwise
- Removed inauthentic sleeps from fishing trawler when plugging holes with swamp paste
- Fixed an issue related to rearranging the bank
- Corrected the rules associated with picking up items on the ground relating to ironman players
- Corrected the allowed items within mage arena and added items that were probably also allowed
- Moved "check & remove bait" to run after it is known that the player has caught a fish in order to be authentic
- Added authentic teleports when players log out within the mage arena and Iban's chamber
- Removed inauthentic blocking mage casting near the mage arena based on RSC+ replay data, only ranged and mele are blocked in the safe spot

- Made the ::g command route messages through the global friend private message to everyone system if global chat is not enabled but global friend is
- Changed server configuration file openrsc.conf to indicate the server name of "RSC Preservation" and disabled bank notes
- Updated all server configuration files to support max player counts of 2000 per world
- Added buttons to launch RSC+, APOS, and IdleRSC from the PC Launcher, each downloads the needed files from GitHub the first time before launching
- Added disallowed player usernames during registration
- Disabled in-game tick skip messages for staff players unless debug is set to true in the server, same for Discord notifications
- Fixed the fishing skill cape which was not functional before and gave it a buff to improve trawler haul with a teleport feature
- Added automatic scenery reset hourly event for resetting scenery that becomes stuck over time
- Added Discord in-game presence to the game client
- Added a player mod command "redhat" and "rhel" to temporarily dress the staff member in red zammy robes and an unobtainable red zammy hat
- Added configurable player path blocking for the last step of the route
- Added configurable player facing direction when ranging an opponent
- Added configurable NPC poisoning while in-combat

**Core Improvements**
- Replaced pathing method getDistanceTo(point) with getDistancePythagoras(point)
- Cleaned up all server MySQL queries using try with resources which previously significantly reduced server performance over time
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