Christmas 2023!

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Christmas 2023!

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:asterisk: RSC Preservation: Presents will be dropped once again. This was an unreleased item from the original RuneScape Classic, probably intended to be used as part of the 2002 Christmas event, in which santa hats were dropped instead. In 2003, there was no Christmas event, (see here for the reason why) so we drop Presents instead every year, otherwise we'd have no Christmas celebration. In Open RSC, presents contain Special curry (normally unobtainable), gnome battas (normally unobtainable), gnome clothing, gnome beverages, and other innocuous items. Any presents/special curries/gnome battas remaining after January will be deleted from the game to prevent hoarding of unreleased items. As Andrew Gower once wrote: "This is supposed to be a bit of fun. Something to enjoy, not something to get upset about!"

Present drops will occur between now and December 26th, every hour, on the hour.

:asterisk: RSC Uranium: Presents will also be dropped on Uranium, for the first time on this server. They contain the same items as in Preservation, will likely continue to be dropped every year, and will similarly be deleted after January.

:asterisk: RSC Cabbage: Mod Ryan & Mod Aurora have created a Christmas mini-quest: "A Lumbridge Carol"! Normally the team is a bit depleted after developing the Halloween event, so this is the first year in which we are proud to present a full mini-quest to celebrate the season. :D To start, make sure to update your client, then log in. You can start the event by speaking to Duke Horacio in Lumbridge. There are unique cosmetic rewards from the mini-quest, technically 12 of them...!

We will be bringing back Present trees again this year, located in Lumbridge, Varrock, Falador, and Seers village. You can harvest presents from them which contain Christmas related cosmetic rewards, such as crackers, santa hats, and all the other cosmetic rewards we've added over the years. They now contain two new cosmetic rewards, and no longer contain weaponry or armour of any kind.

You also have a chance to meet Santa and get a yo-yo! He is in Lumbridge, Varrock, and Falador. Santa first visited RSC Cabbage to give away yo-yos in 2021.

These events are expected to last into mid-January.

:asterisk: RSC Coleslaw: Christmas is being celebrated the same as on RSC Cabbage.

:asterisk: 2001scape: Although Christmas of 2001 had not yet come to pass on 8 May 2001, the date that 2001scape is based off of, we will be dropping jugs of wine in celebration of Christmas, as was done last year: every hour, on the hour. Drink and be Merry. :-)

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Re: Christmas 2023!

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Thank u for the milk and cookies weihnachtsmann
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