What's going on with Open RSC

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What's going on with Open RSC

Post by Logg »

There have been no website newspost updates since 19 February 2023. If you’re not part of our Discord community, and you don’t look at our Gitlab, and you haven’t happened to be online for any of the game update deployments, then there wouldn’t be any way to tell that we have continued to make changes and improve the Open RSC server.

Communications from our team outside of Discord have not really existed. The forums (which are used to post Announcements on our website) have been our only way to communicate outside of Discord, and they were broken on 23 February 2023, as an after-effect of the failure on 19 February 2023, when Marwolf was trying to bring the Web Client back online. They stayed broken for half a year, until 29 August 2023.

Fixing the forums was not considered high priority from anyone on the team, and so unfortunately, communications moved to be all on Discord.

I've exported all of the news we have posted in the #announcements channel since February for those of you not willing or able to use Discord, or you can view it as a giant screenshot: here

The highlights were:

23 February 2023: Web client fixed, but forums broken.
14 March 2023: You can now export your account.
20 March 2023: While I was on vacation in Japan, the team back home had a 32 hour rollback.
8 April 2023: Easter drops.
12 July 2023: RuneScape Archive project offers $200 reward for oldest caches found between then and the end of September.
18 July 2023: Koopa is made a Player Mod.
5 August 2023: 5th Anniversary of Open RSC servers being online.
14 August 2023: Logg takes over hosting of Open RSC. Game servers and website no longer hosted by Marwolf.
28 August 2023: Open RSC Wiki restored.
29 August 2023: Open RSC Forums restored.
2 September 2023: Hardware upgrade for Open RSC servers.
15 September 2023: Aurora is made an Administrator.
There were also lots of patch notes. The server has gotten a lot better in the past 6 months, and so has the RSC+ client.

I've exported all of the patch-notes we have posted in the #patch-notes channel since February for those of you not willing or able to use Discord, or you can view it as a giant screenshot: here

The biggest highlights were:
  • RSC+ is extremely good now & we’re not quite done yet. You can search settings, scale the client, there’s dark mode, three dozen other things, Conker is really popping off. He also ported many of the changes to the RSCx client for 2001scape.
  • Yumeko replaced the PvE Combat formula to be more authentic. It is probably exactly the same as the authentic formula of RuneScape Classic now.
  • Stormy replaced the PvP Combat formula to be more authentic. I am told it is very good, emphasizing the importance of Defence like the original, but also PKers are hard to please, so some are not pleased that it less resembles the combat formula used in RSC Private servers since 2007
  • So many enhancements for Moderators’ ability to moderate.
  • At least a hundred bug fixes, all of them very important.
We have also been working on performance and authenticity upgrades to the server, not mentioned in those hundreds of patch notes, which I’ll hope to highlight by tagging a new release of the OpenRSC server soon.

I've also exported all Discord announcements to date and all Discord patch-notes to date.

We will resume posting updates on the website now. Please look forward to The Odyssey, releasing on RSC Cabbage tomorrow. :D

— Logg
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Re: What's going on with OpenRSC

Post by Stormy »

I would just like to say that Yumeko and I (and CookMePlox) worked on the PvP/PvM combat formulae together, but I was mostly collecting data, comparing it, and making proposals, and Yumeko came up with the final formula, which we are 99% sure is the same one RSC uses.
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