Open RSC 5.25.1 has been released!

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Open RSC 5.25.1 has been released!

Post by Marwolf » ... RSC-5.25.1

January 11th Patch Notes

Bug Fixes
- Fixed ground item and NPC spawn location inaccuracies
- Fixed a bug where appearance choices on character creation screen are lost if you log out due to inactivity, then log back in
- Corrected a bug where text boxes would scroll up and down with the mouse scroll wheel while zooming the camera in and out
- Fixed a bug where players viewing their bank had the chat is disabled as keyboard input was listening for '1' and '2' shortcuts for chat presets
- Fixed a glitch where sleep words were being sent to private chat incorrectly
- Players were unable to right click on ranks in party interface settings previously
- Fixed a case where the Aubury right click trade option was not working when the rune mysteries quest had not been completed
- Corrected routing for Aubury between normal world and openpk world usage
- Fixed the Open RSC Client as it was not using the config --dir flag
- Made the Open RSC Client load the cache from its relative location for all OSes
- Bankers who wander too far off will now refuse to bank and will instead walk home
- Fixed a bug on the PC game launcher where the progress bar would overflow and go negative
- Made launching custom clients for the first time not freeze up PC gamer launcher
- Using a player cache key to change pin should now only be allowed on bankers
- Corrected a glitch where tasty kebabs healed 19 HP twice

- Removed unused Android keyboard buttons, added one for the RSC wiki, and added an alert dialog when navigating away
- Added an option to hide ashes in the custom client similar to hiding bones
- Added Halloween 2022 pink and black halloween masks, a white pumpkin pie, re-enabled the mice-to-meet-you miniquest, and added an unreleased cape of inclusion
- Added a "catching distance" config option & all server configs have been set to catch "further"
- Moderators can now teleport specific NPCs with the tpnpc command
- Thessalia's dialogue has been slightly adjusted for Christmas 2022
- Added the Legend's Guild as a bank location boundary within the server for NPCs
- Made dragging around the PC game launcher more smooth
- Added a 3D press feel to buttons in the PC game Launcher
- Added a --no-update flag to the PC game launcher for flatpack usage
- Added Christmas trees to Seers village for the Christmas 2022 event
- Revised moderator permissions
* Duration that Player Moderators can mute raised from 60 minutes to 1 week (both global and regular chats)
* Duration that Moderators can mute raised from 120 minutes to 1 week (both global and regular chats)
* Moderators can now unmute players (previously restricted to Super Moderator)
* Moderators can now ban players indefinitely (previously unable to ban)
* Super Moderators can now ban players indefinitely (previously limited to 1 day)
* Admins can no longer start NPC events on authentic config worlds (previously able to)

Core Improvements
- Added in mudclient115 server compatibility as RSC Kale will be based on it as an evolution of 2001scape
- Set the server to enforce maximum number of friends based on the client version
- Set the server to auto-save all logged in players every 120 seconds instead of every 30 seconds to reduce SQL server load
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