Open RSC 5.24.0 has been released!

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Open RSC 5.24.0 has been released!

Post by Marwolf » ... RSC-5.24.0

October 4th Patch Notes

**Bug Fixes**
- Made a change to the server where it checked if the login was occurring locally in order to bypass bans. This was allowing banned players to login via webclient as websockify proxies connections to the server for it locally.
- Set NPCs to roll item drops even if the player who damaged them the most logged out
- Fixed an issue with clicking out of NPC dialog menus that tied up the game server
- Fixed a bug where players could not rotate their camera view unless the "All Messages" tab active

- Added new landscape area expansion content which is still under development
- Added a server config to have accurate XP for gem stall thieving and newer (corrected) XP on custom servers
- Added an invert mode setting in the Android client
- Replaced the e-mail field on the account creation screen with a password confirmation text box within the custom OpenRSC client and Android client
- Added an option to hide underground flickering in the Android client and custom OpenRSC client (similar to RSC+)
- Added support for special Android keyboards

**Core Improvements**
- Removed the legacy file-based IntelliJ project, leaving only the directory-based project within the repository
- Updated the animations list of the avatar generator to support more wielded custom item rendering
- Included the RSCMinus RSC235 protocol Wireshark dissector and coloring rules file within the `core/server/logs/pcaps/Wireshark add-ons` directory path for those curious about analyzing the `pcap.gz` files within the parent directory using Wireshark.
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