Speedrun: F2P IM Dragon Slayer (Rules & Leaderboards)

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Speedrun: F2P IM Dragon Slayer (Rules & Leaderboards)

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Fancy a challenge? Something different? Do a speedrun on RSC Preservation! :D

F2P IM Dragon Slayer
The goal of this speedrun is to complete dragon slayer as quickly as possible, whilst not leaving the f2p area.

  1. Play on RSC Preservation
  2. Ironman: no assistance from other accounts!
  3. Stay within the free-to-play area of RuneScape Classic
  4. Complete Dragon Slayer
  1. 18:35:49 on 2021-03-23 by notha k on the account "FstrThanLogg"
  2. 25:01:24 on 2021-03-16 by notha k
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