Historic (2021-01-28): "Botting Permitted" Servers Launch

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Historic (2021-01-28): "Botting Permitted" Servers Launch

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Exciting news today, we are launching two new servers:
RSC Uranium and RSC Coleslaw! These are permanent servers where users are allowed to bot without fear of having their accounts reset. Macroing or use of bots is permitted, and exploiting bugs is also permitted, as long as your disclose your knowledge of each bug in our bug tracker.

RSC Uranium is running the RSC Preservation configuration, and it very closely mirrors the original RSC server. Popular botting software such as aposbot would be compatible with this server, if someone pointed the client at it.

The RSC Coleslaw server mirrors the RSC Cabbage configuration, with all the same custom content.

These servers are not Lawless "Anarchy" servers!

All the normal Honour, Respect, and Security rules still apply. We especially want to make it clear that we do not permit users to real world trade, break any real-world laws, and you must respect your fellow humans (or bots, as it were), the same as our other servers. Additionally, it is considered against the rules to swap currencies between any botting permitted server and our main RSC Cabbage/Open RSC servers.

We have several goals and hopes in launching these servers:
  1. We hope these servers will be enjoyed by those ~95% of players online who were botting during the real RSC era. Botting was a huge part of RSC and its community once JaGeX stopped supporting the game, and it can be a valid way to gain enjoyment, even though it is not the intended experience.
  2. We hope that we can provide a playground for fledgling programmers, to use RSC as an educational tool to help advance your skills. Players are encouraged to write their own scripts.
  3. We hope that launching these servers will serve as a deterrent to botting on our other servers. If you are caught botting on our RSC Preservation or RSC Cabbage servers, all your accounts will be banned on all servers, including RSC Uranium and RSC Coleslaw.
The servers are online now and can be joined once you update the Open RSC Launcher. Information on the server connection details for 3rd party clients follow:

RSC Uranium (authentic 233+ compatible server):

Code: Select all

IP: game.openrsc.com
Port: 43235
RSA Public Key: 7112866275597968156550007489163 6857375282675847799596177599015830418647870 784778766890034225090993538050151777036707 15380710894892460637136582066351659813
RSA Exponent: 65537
RSC Coleslaw (RSC Cabbage config server):

Code: Select all

IP: game.openrsc.com
Port: 43599
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