Historic (2021-06-02): New RSC Uranium Logo

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Historic (2021-06-02): New RSC Uranium Logo

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What was wrong with the old logo?
When we started up the RSC Uranium server, we didn't actually plan in advance for it at all. It was started because of a persistent botter who kept changing IP addresses and making new accounts on the RSC Cabbage server. We decided that instead of fighting against bots, it would be best to just allow a playground for them to do their botting and not have to worry about being banned or having their accounts reset. There were only about 20 minutes from deciding to launch the server, to the server existing. Since then, the server has exploded in popularity, far beyond the 1 or 2 users that were expected to play.

There were some growing pains, as we had never had more than a couple dozen users online at once, but with profiling tools, we were able to patch memory leaks that had never been a problem before, and make the server stable for hundreds of accounts at once. However, until now, we hadn't changed the logo, which like the server, was thrown together in about 20 minutes.

The Old Logo

It's a nice grungy logo, and it has an "Enter the Matrix" vibe to it, which is good for a botting server, where bots do basically examine the server from a network perspective, seeing beyond the game into the 1s & 0s. It also ties in to the name of the server, RSC Uranium, since it has the hazardous materials symbol in it.

However, it came to our attention that there was something very wrong with our logo.


As it turns out, that symbol is for Biohazards, which are materials consisting of organic material that are hazardous to life. Uranium is not alive and has never been alive, so it is NOT a biohazard.

The search for the aposbot mascot
We decided to base the new logo off the aposbot mascot. If you've run aposbot, you will have seen this little icon in your system tray.

Gah's system tray

The highest resolution image of this file included with Aposbot is this 32x32 image: Image

With the use of AI image upscaling, we were able to render this image:

This upscaled image was enough that a reverse image search website (I used TinEye) was able to find the original image hosted on a website that steals clipart. After reverse image searching THAT image, the original source of the aposbot mascot was found.

Cartoon Robot (2010), by David StClair

There they are, Aposbot, in all their early 2000s gradient-ed glory.

Something neat is that this robot image was released under the Creative Commons Zero v1.0 license, which means that it is free to use for any purpose without restriction. :-)

Designing the new logo
Now that we knew what Aposbot actually looked like, we needed an actual artist to design the logo. Here's an earlier revision of what the logo might have looked like:


This is cool art, and may have made for a good logo, but something I noticed is that all of our other existing server logos are based on food.

RSC Preservation uses a jar of jelly preserves, RSC Cabbage uses a picture of some cabbage, and RSC Coleslaw uses a picture of coleslaw. I wanted to keep this same theme, but obviously Uranium is not a food... Unless you're a robot! :-)

Aposbot absolutely devouring a barrel of properly marked Uranium

Here are a couple more variants of the logo, with words and background.

And that's what we decided to go with. :-) Hopefully everyone enjoys the new logo.

A note from the artist: "Special thanks to our unicorn friend Mexi for the art, eat your cornflakes, model is based on footage by nullpoint"
— Logg
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