Open RSC 5.21.0 has been released!

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Open RSC 5.21.0 has been released!

Post by Marwolf » ... RSC-5.21.0

Feb 27th Patch Notes

* The android client has been fixed to properly pull only an ipv4 address, in order to successfully connect to the server.
* The bug where you occasionally must wait 10 seconds to log out has been fixed.
* It is no longer possible to add "" to your friends/ignore lists.
* The Shield of Arrav and Hero's Quest items can no longer be "used" on a player to transfer them, unless at least one of the players is an Ironman.
* Players are no longer busy when cancelling out of banker's dialogue.
* 2001scape item bonuses, shops, and quest lines have been improved, in preparation of its full launch Soon:tm:
* Reduced lag by removing a redundant 5 minute auto-save mechanism, and increasing the auto-save interval from 30 seconds to 5 minutes for RSC Uranium (all other servers currently still auto-save your profile every 30 seconds in case of abrupt server crash).

* Mudclient69 now has some small amount of support. It is only enough to log in, view the Yoptin survey screens (with the ::yoptin command) and to see what a 35 item inventory looks like. For more info, see
* There now exists preliminary support for i18n in the Open RSC framework, in preparation of translating the game into different languages (and into proper English!). As of now, there are 4 language settings you can set with the ::setlanguage command, and you can check your language settings at any time with the ::language command.
* The above feature also lets you set your preferred pronouns as part of the set language, including a fixed version of RSC dialogue where females are never referred to as "Sir", and an option for gender neutral pronouns to be used.
* It is now possible to look up players on the Hiscores from the RSC+ client. Download the latest Launcher from for it to be set up for you.
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