Open RuneScape Classic 5.20.0 has been released!

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Open RuneScape Classic 5.20.0 has been released!

Post by Marwolf » ... RSC-5.20.0

October 31st Patch Notes

**Bug Fixes**
- Updated Android Gradle build files to fix build issues
- Corrected ironman Halloween cracker opening behavior
- Fixed an issue with Body runecrafting
- Fixed an issue with the Observatory gate when using a key
- Made invisible items not able to be picked up
- Corrected an issue with disappearing doors on pre-233 version clients
- Added a break to switch the case that handles the digsite winch after quest completion
- Fixed an issue with players max stats not persisting after choosing from classes system on 2001scape
- Corrected an issue where two players would attempt to use a gate at once and the other would see the gate appear as stuck
- Made the Yanille door require thieving level 16 to picklock
- Fixed an issue with the change recovery questions opcode two seconds after the player logs in
- Fixed an issue with not being able to list auction items that were in the form of bank certs
- Corrected a bug where when a player had an anti-dragon shield, the fire damage of dragons was more aggressive than should have been
- Fixed baby blue dragon fire breath combat without the anti-dragon shield to be more accurate (10% hp without, avoided 80% of time with shield)
- Added the damage of 10 HP when having garlic in the inventory during the fight with Count Draynor
- Fixed yew longbows not working with arrows correctly

- Added "Mice to Meet You" miniquest on RSC Cabbage and Coleslaw
- Added the red key to Melzar's maze temporarily while the "Mice to Meet You" quest is active so players may still complete the dragon slayer quest
- Made the cauldron work like an event party chest while the holiday event is active
- Set the party chest / couldron able to be spawned anywhere and with a set dropped item spawn radius
- Added "rftele" command for Event tier players and "coords" command for regular players to use
- Added additional holiday item claim ability to Thessalia in Varrock
- In 2001scape, we included a check for players to not be able to attack others in the first chunk of lumbridge as well as when a nearby banker is spotted
- In 2001scape, when the player is not within +-5 combat levels, they aren't able to attack other player killers
- In 2001scape, we set combat level calculation to ignore prayer, magic, and ranged since it seems those initially they may not have been considered authentically

**Core Improvements**
- Added a normalize ticks function for say and npcsay to prevent fast dialog on accelerated speed world configurations
- Performed a major overhaul of the game launcher
- Implemented the OSRS ranged formula and copied the values for ammo power and bow accuracy from the OSRS Wiki. Feature is turned off in server configs by default for now
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Re: Open RuneScape Classic 5.20.0 has been released!

Post by RunescapeClassic »

Great patch as always, thanks for all of the hard work on creating a free and open source Runescape Classic private server framework for us to download! I am really enjoying playing the mobile/Android APK on Cabbage as an idle MMO game. Nice to see that RS Classic is still alive in 2021 :mrgreen:
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Re: Open RuneScape Classic 5.20.0 has been released!

Post by allstrike520 »

How do I complete witches potion?
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