Open RSC 5.17.0 has been released!

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Open RSC 5.17.0 has been released!

Post by Marwolf » ... RSC-5.17.0

July 15th Patch Notes

Bug Fixes
- Updated addExperience() in Skills to send stats when the player has reached a new level using retro mudclient 110 as the protocol was later optimized for newer clients to only send one stat update
- Fixed an issue where Cabbage players had an issue in the mage arena when killing a form of Kolodion which was locking up the game client

- Made it possible to access the player owned house area in 2001scape by using the shield of arrav keys on the gate
- Added dialog for the Guide NPC

Core Improvements
- Fixed bank preset saving for MySQL/MariaDB (not yet solved on SQLite)
- Fixed MySQL compatibility for SQL add-on import files
- Fixed some concurrency issues
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