Open RuneScape Classic 5.15.0 has been released!

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Open RuneScape Classic 5.15.0 has been released!

Post by Marwolf » ... RSC-5.15.0

June 2nd Patch Notes

Bug Fixes
- Corrected skill stat restoration to be authentic
- Prayer XP is now divided equally between prayevil and praygood skills
- Fixed various quest XP awards
- Corrected an inauthentic bug related to dropping specific items that were clicked on instead of the last item with the same ID
- Fixed a bug where consuming food/potions did not remove from the bottom of inventory
- Fixed an issue where the Mage Arena god staff shop would not let players buy staffs
- Made fish certers have their cert menu shifted by 2 from their decert menu
- Fixed god mage spells which had stopped working
- Authentically removed the check on whether a player was are already sleeping when the server allowed them to enter sleep. This allows for easier fatigue training
- Corrected some retro (2001scape) ground item locations which were placed on tables

- Updated the RSC Uranium logo on the PC launcher

Core Improvements
- Added an admin command "clearipbans" to empty any existing server IP bans
- Changed player IP connection count to increment only after the player logs in successfully instead of just after a valid connection attempt
- Refactored hard coded skill constants to use a solver to get matching indices as since retro (2001scape) skill indices did not match after the ranged skill
- Corrected the combat formula to make use of either modern combat skills or retro (2001scape) skills
- Made use now of OLD_PRAY_XP and SCALED_WOODCUT_XP
- Added a debug code for login response codes 6 and 11 as well as added an admin command of "fixloggedincount"
- Added mudclient177 compatibility (released 2003-10-31) which provides the most vanilla RSC experience possible and is compatible with Windows 98
- A de-obfuscated mudclient177 which has been augmented to change the server RSA key is available here:
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