Open RSC 5.26.0 has been released!

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Open RSC 5.26.0 has been released!

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February 11th Patch Notes

Bug Fixes
- Players muted from global chat should no longer be able to circumvent the mute by PMing the Global friend
- Global unmuting someone will no longer regular unmute them (though being regular muted prevents from talking in global)
- Corrected the server-side boundary around the Gnome bank
- Built in a requirement for both players to unequip items when dueling if that is the rule
- Moved isSleeping() check to the beginning to fix a null packet that allowed instant sleeping
- Fixed OpenPK points overflow and incorrect points calculation
- Disabled cape dying in 2001scape as it did not exist then
- Fixed the Observatory Quest optional reward and finishing the quest at all on one of the dialogue choices
- Fixed ranged not giving per hit XP in 2001scape and constrained XP earned properly
- Fixed an oversight where players could dupe the Family Crest gauntlets and use both enchantments
- Added a way for (Cabbage) players to reobtain their Family Crest gauntlets from [the Family Crest guy] without dying
- Fixed a lack of delay and not removing water in Monks Friend quest dialogue
- Corrected the boots of lightfootedness appearance

- Mods should now be able to mute and unmute offline players
- Fixed Discord monitoring integration
- Added in-game abuse report forwarding to a specified Discord channel for mods
- Global message system now outputs to the Quest History tab by default instead of Private (toggle with ::gq or ::gp)
- Added a configuration to the "Mice to Meet You" event to run without removing rats
- Added global message restrictions by adding a total level requirement and cool down timer
- Added a new config to disable NPC aggro level check abd enabled it for 2001scape (always be aggressive)
- Added a configuration to allow the movement logout timer to be disabled in 2001scape
- Added the ability for staff to rename players
- Turned off Ester's Bunnies in all server config files
- Added a message to the dragonstone amulet that lets you know how many charges you have left before and after teleporting (on Cabbage)

Core Improvements
- Fixed an item duplication bug
- Cleaned up the Family Crest file to use RuneScript functions
- Moved the Dwarf Rescue miniquest and most of its related functionality to its own file
- Authentically ended abusive shop blocking by exiting the dialog menu after 5 mins and 20 sec if just idle or after 20 sec if another player tries to talk to the shop NPC
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Re: Open RSC 5.26.0 has been released!

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Re: Open RSC 5.26.0 has been released!

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Awesome devs!
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Re: Open RSC 5.26.0 has been released!

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Awesome, thank you all!
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